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Your Consultant is Allison and Brian Dalke

My Story

We honestly never thought we would be in direct sales. We had other plans for our life. I was going to be a teacher; Brian was going to be in sales; BUT the Lord had different plans for us. 

I joined Scentsy scared to death that I would actually be able to make it work. I'm a natural introvert....nothing even close to a salesperson, but I was crazy about the product and knew I could share it with other people. That sharing turned into a business over time that has blessed our little family and the lives of our friends and family members. 

We've been able to watch so many women and men change their financial situations by building storng businesses, and our passion is helping other people do the same. Whether you want to pay a car payment, get out of debt, take your kids on vacation, or just save for the future, you can do that with Scentsy. 

We would love to have you as a part of our team (The Shine Society). Wondering what Scentsy would look like in your life? Just click on the Join button to discover what Scentsy could do for you. 


Results are not typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the Income Disclosure Statement document: